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Mars Secure Transport Services LTD


About Us :

Mars Secure Transport Services LTD is a private ambulance provider established in 2015, offering a National 24 hour, 365 days a year urgent response solution for the transportation of people who have a range of mental health illnesses as well as transportation of Children and Young Persons.

Our staff have Years of experience and expertise in the transportation of patients detained under the Mental Health Act or who require other secure transport solutions. From informal admission to high risk patients who are sectioned, our staff deliver a quality, patient focused service that is always safe and secure.


Our Services


  • Court appearances (incl. general and high profile court trials)
  • Transport of high risk absconders and people who self-harm
  • Transport of people displaying violent/ aggressive behaviour
  • Hospital, dental and other appointments
  • Supervised contact visits and school runs
  • Moving or returning to a placement
  • Warrant Executions
  • Police Custody
  • International Repatriation


Mars Secure Transport and Recruitment Services can offer services for children and young people with criminal or welfare secure court orders, transfers from one placement to another. All MARS staff are trained in the Safeguarding of Adults and Young Persons. The organisation follows comprehensive policies and procedures surrounding the conveyance of adults and young persons. We also have the capacity to provide mixed gender teams daily and are well experienced in managing any sensitive tasks.


 Our vehicles are also suitable for patients with less mobility who can be seated in a wheelchair. Our wheelchairs are specifically designed that provides steering, comfortable, and safe mechanism. Through wheelchair access we enable disabled people to become more mobile, healthy, and participate with confidence in the community life. We invest in mobility devices for the disabled people that widely reduce economic vulnerability, health care cost while increasing the life quality and productivity.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

“Mars are very professional and ontime service guys, they really helped me alot at time when i needed, we reached on time to the hospital and i highly recommed all you guys to use their service.

Brett Vasquez


Testimonials & Featured Clients

I wonder  if god really exists, and then i met mars for one of my cousins who needed to be transported to the asylum, they really looked after us as their family. Great job guys!!



Why choose us?

We have a good reputation for outstanding mental health services with a friendly atmosphere. We continuously invest in faculties and infrastructure for providing better mental health services to our patients. We also acquire the best technology of treatment using machine learning and artificial intelligence for the patients. We provide secure and safe treatment

Qualified RMN or HCA:  provide you the great assistance with nursing assistants, and auxiliaries nurses

Quality of services: wheelchair access, 24/7 services, and safeguarding

Multi Gender\Multi racial: we promote the drivers and qualified escort.

Mars Secure Transport Services LTD

Offering a National Service 24 hour, 365 days a year .

02082073764 / 02037225530 / 07446420634 .

Info@marsnursing.com marsnursing@gmail.com

Unit 9, Stirling Industrial Estate, Hertfordshire, Borehamwood WD6 2BT

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